What is ReVanced Extended?

ReVanced Extended is a forked version of the original ReVanced Project. With the Extended version, you can get more features not yet introduced in the official project.

Is ReVanced Extended safe?

Yes. mMicrog, Inotia00 Patches, and tools are all open source. So, kindly visit GitHub repository to read the code.

What is ReVanced Music Extended Edition?

ReVanced Music Extended Edition is a feature-rich Music app that has been developed by inotia00.

What is RVX Manager?

RVX Manager is a forked version of ReVanced Manager for inotia00 patches.

Who is the developer of ReVanced Extended?

inotia00 is the developer of this project.

Who is the developer of MicroG that this website distributed?

inotia00’s version is distributing revancedextended.com site.

How to donate?

To donate official ReVanced team, please go to Liberapay

How to build ReVanced Extended APK?

Just use RVX builder, which is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Or Simply use RVX Manager on your Android device. Or You can change the patches organization & integration organization in the ReVanced Manager (from revanced to inotia00).

Is your precompiled YouTube ReVanced Extended APK safe?

Yes, 100% safe. We use RVX Builder to compile this APK.

Does inotia00 maintain this site?

No, this site is run by community members who are keen to provide safe APK’s for non-technical users.

What is MicroG?

MicroG is a mandatory Android app to lets users sign in with a Google account.

Is MicroG open-source?

Yes, it is an open-source project.

What is mMicroG?

mMicroG is an open-source project based on Microg.

What is the difference between ReVanced and ReVanced Extended?

You can compare them by going through the inotia00 Patches and ReVanced Patches.

What is the vp9 codec override setting added in recent patches?

It is the same as the forced vp9 codec setting that existed in Vanced.

Should I enable VP9?

Since most devices released after about 6-7 years ago support the vp9 codec, most users do not need to enable the setting.

If your device is old enough, or if your device’s hardware specifications aren’t good enough, this option may work for you. (e.g. 1440p/2160p resolution option not selectable in 4k test video)

How to solve Video infinity buffering in ReVanced Extended YouTube?

Use the latest version (18.29.38+) and then Enable player parameter spoof from YT Settings -> ReVanced Extended -> Miscellaneous