YT Version: 19.11.38

19.11.38 is built using anddea patches. It needs the official YouTube app to be installed on the system and New ReVanced MicroG’s GMSCore.

If you face buffering issue, Kindly enable spoof player parameter (Settings » ReVanced Extended » Miscellaneous)

  • Compiled by (VirusTotal)
  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
    Integrations: anddea/revanced-integrations-0.150.0.apk
    Patches: anddea/revanced-patches-2.223.o.jar
  • Bug Fixes
  • YouTube – Change player flyout panel toggles: Fix for supported versions (a9fe961)
  • YouTube – Custom branding icon: Remove redundant style (3fe0040)
  • YouTube – Hide player buttons background: Update missing supported versions (57af802)
  • YouTube – Overlay buttons: Increase padding of chapter and timestamp (e3db3e3)
  • YouTube – Overlay buttons: Update time-ordered button (e7a8e30)
  • YouTube – Shorts overlay buttons: Resize icons (e348565)
  • YouTube – Swipe controls: Fix some strings (074e3e4)
  • YouTube – Theme: Remove redundant code and seekbar color (46b345c)
  • YouTube – Translations: Fix typo in Spanish (#174) (8d1507c)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Japanese (#214) (bb5318e)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (e3571d3)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (8de81ba)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (de428b0)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (8684f37)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (e8f0731)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (36b1ed4)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (12982f4)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (25ce0a9)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (302ffd6)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (9babfd9)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (56ad720)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (17a514e)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update translations info (c30c031)
  • YouTube – Tuck away preferences: Possible fix to hide “Purchases and memberships” (0b8ec7c)
  • YouTube – Visual settings icons: Add missing dependency (b3b3545)
  • YouTube/YT Music – Debugging: Disable by default (241b6dd)
  • YouTube: Adjusting patches to apply correctly to earlier versions. (#94) (cb02ba7)
  • YT Music – Custom branding icon: Fix some icons and add Welcome screen logo (9abf946)
  • YT Music – Enable old style miniplayer: Update description (dee3a45)
  • YT Music: Support latest versions (4575e86)
  • Features
  • MicroG Support: Switch to GMSCore (f1f522f)
  • YouTube – Custom branding icon: Add splash animation for MMT (bb97a79)
  • YouTube – Hide layout components: Add Subscriptions tab and Comments to Keyword filter (bbc3217)
  • YouTube – Hide player buttons baclground: Add a switch setting Hide player buttons background (5271610)
  • YouTube – Layout component filter: Add locale support for a video filter based on view count (689193f)
  • YouTube – Layout component filter: Adjust filter for more patterns (1163ff7)
  • YouTube – Layout component filter: Hide videos based on the number of views (23fa805)
  • YouTube – Settings: Add new settings for Shorts and Player buttons background (f0a2e69)
  • YouTube – Shorts overlay buttons: Add TikTok buttons for older versions (fd296f3)
  • YouTube – Shorts overlay buttons: Update icons (62f3785)
  • YouTube – Speed overlay: Change the speed overlay icon and fix patch for applying to earlier versions (#92) (d547cda)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Brazillian Portuguese (#85) (12ee1e1)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Chinese Simplified (#196) (2711e2a)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Chinese Traditional (#205) (f83954f)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#102) (580883c)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#115) (31218ed)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#119) (148a03e)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#123) (73fae53)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#157) (4648253)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#161) (a356939)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#163) (7cefd8e)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#178) (73da0b9)
  • YouTube – Translations: Update Italian (#198) ([13105fa](https:/…

ReX Version: 19.07.40

  • Compiled by (VirusTotal)
  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
    Integrations: YT-Advanced/revanced-integrations-0.148.4.apk
    Patches: YT-Advanced/revanced-patches-2.220.10.jar
  • feat(YouTube Music): Add support for v6.43+
  • feat(MicroG Support): Change default microG package name to app.revanced
  • feat(Spoof Player Parameter): Disabled by default
  • feat(Hide Shorts Component):: Add Hide Shorts video titleHide sound metadata label and Hide video link label settings
  • fix(Hide interstitial ads): Prevent app crash if hiding interstitial ads is not possible

YT Music: 6.33.52

  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
    Integrations: inotia00/revanced-integrations-0.140.1.apk
    Patches: inotia00/revanced-patches-2.220.1.jar
  • feat(YouTube Music): change patch name Enable new player background to Enable old player background inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1933
  • feat(YouTube Music): change patch name Hide emoji picker to Hide emoji picker and time stamp
  • feat(YouTube Music): change the description of the Enable color match playerEnable zen mode patches and exclude them by default inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1933
  • feat(YouTube Music): remove Enable sleep timer patch (supported by default in latest YouTube Music)
  • feat(YouTube Music/Hide general ads): remove Hide interstitial ads settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1940
  • feat(YouTube Music/Hide player flyout panel): add Hide subscribe / unsubscribe menuHide sleep timer menu settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1932
  • fix(YouTube Music): app is forced close when changing Enable old player background setting or the Enable old player layout setting (refresh automatically with a setting that does not cause forced to close)
  • fix(YouTube Music/Enable force minimized player): fix typo inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1924
  • fix(YouTube Music/Enable old style miniplayer): apply fingerprints compatible with the wider version
  • fix(YouTube Music/Hide taste builder): apply fingerprints compatible with the wider version
  • fix(YouTube Music/Replace dismiss queue): use built-in icons
  • feat(YouTube Music/Translations): update translation
    BrazilianChinese SimplifiedFrenchGreekJapaneseKoreanPolishRussianTurkishUkrainianVietnamese

RVX Manager: 1.18.1

  • feat: upstream from official sources
  • feat: add Remove unused library settings (ripLibs)

ReVanced MicroG:

  • Separate app available for Huawei and Xiaomi devices

ReVanced MicroG:

This is the new revanced microg from ReVanced Team.

  • Cache Gradle for build workflow
  • solved playback issues
  • package: app.revanced


  • bump gms version
  • update dependencies
  • upstream

RVX Builder: 3.12.1

  • chore: update packages
  • feat: add compatibility with official ReVanced sources
  • feat: add RVX fork preset to settings (ReX, RVX by anddea)
  • feat: add PreRelease setting (allow fetch from dev branch)
  • feat: match the mount script with the CLI command
  • feat: specify MicroG (GmsCore) from custom source
  • feat: update hard coded JDK version
  • fix: exception caused by structure change in settings.json file when updating rvx-builder
  • fix: remove warning dialog for Enable debugging patch
  • fix: rvx-builder is not compatible with some custom sources
  • fix: unable to load app list from APKMirror
  • fix: unable to connect to Github API
  • ⚠️ Caution: To patch the official ReVanced source in rvx-builder, you must keep revanced-cli as the ‘inotia00’ source, or remove the ‘~./revanced/revanced.keystore’ file.
  • Otherwise, errors may occur during the signing process due to keystore incompatibility.