YT Version: 19.25.39

19.25.39 is built using Inotia00 patches. It needs the official YouTube app to be installed on the system and New ReVanced MicroG’s GMSCore.

If you face buffering issue, Kindly enable spoof client (Settings » ReVanced Extended » Miscellaneous)

  • Compiled by (VirusTotal)
  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.6.1-all.jar
    Integrations: inotia00/revanced-integrations-1.11.1.apk
    Patches: inotia00/revanced-patches-4.10.1.jar
  • feat(YouTube): add support version 19.25.39, drop support version 19.23.40 inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2142 (comment)
  • feat(YouTube): integrate Change Shorts repeat state patch into the Shorts components patch
  • feat(YouTube): integrate Hide animated button backgroundHide double tap to like animations patch into the Shorts components patch
  • feat(YouTube): integrate Hide double tap overlay filter patch into the Player components patch
  • feat(YouTube/Alternative thumbnails): add alternative domain #60
  • feat(YouTube/Client spoof): downgrade hardcoded client version
  • feat(YouTube/Custom Shorts action buttons): add YouTube (unchanged) to selectable patch options
  • feat(YouTube/Custom Shorts action buttons): add outlined version of actual youtube shorts action buttons #59
  • feat(YouTube/Custom branding icon): add old splash animation for Revancify Red and Revancify Blue
  • feat(YouTube/Hide feed components): update known issue (Close inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2195)
  • feat(YouTube/Miniplayer): add Enable double-tap action setting (YouTube 19.25.39+)
  • feat(YouTube/Settings): change cursor color dynamically in searchbar #61
  • feat(YouTube/Settings): restyle search view #58
  • feat(YouTube/Settings): show AlertDialog when changing some settings value (matches ReVanced)
  • feat(YouTube/Shorts components): add Double-tap animation settings
  • feat(YouTube/Shorts components): add Enable timestampsTimestamp long press actionMeta panel bottom margin settings (YouTube 19.25.39+)
  • feat(YouTube/Toolbar components): add Hide image search button settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2188
  • feat(YouTube/Visual preferences icons): RVX settings icon now changes even when the Custom branding icon for YouTube patch option is set to YouTube (unchanged)
  • fix(YouTube/Custom header for YouTube): custom headers do not change (A/B tests)
  • fix(YouTube/Hide ads): new ads are not blocked inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2210
  • fix(YouTube/Hide ads): patch closes fullscreen ads too quickly, so fullscreen ads are shown repeatedly
  • fix(YouTube/Hide feed components): detect if a keyword filter hides all videos ReVanced/revanced-patches#3365
  • fix(YouTube/Hide feed components): video filters do not work properly on accounts with A/B testing applied
  • fix(YouTube/Settings): toolbar added twice to RVX settings
  • fix(YouTube/Shorts components): Hide sound button doesn’t work (A/B tests) inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2193
  • fix(YouTube/Theme): reverts background color of More comments icon in live chats inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2197
  • feat(YouTube/Translations for YouTube): update translation

ReX Version: 19.07.40

  • Compiled by (VirusTotal)
  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
    Integrations: YT-Advanced/revanced-integrations-0.148.4.apk
    Patches: YT-Advanced/revanced-patches-2.220.10.jar
  • feat(YouTube Music): Add support for v6.43+
  • feat(MicroG Support): Change default microG package name to app.revanced
  • feat(Spoof Player Parameter): Disabled by default
  • feat(Hide Shorts Component):: Add Hide Shorts video titleHide sound metadata label and Hide video link label settings
  • fix(Hide interstitial ads): Prevent app crash if hiding interstitial ads is not possible

YT Music: 7.08.52

  • feat(YouTube Music): add support versions 7.07.52 ~ 7.08.52
  • feat(YouTube Music): integrate Hide double tap overlay filter patch into the Player components patch
  • fix(YouTube Music/Hide ads): patch closes fullscreen ads too quickly, so fullscreen ads are shown repeatedly
  • feat(YouTube Music/Translations for YouTube Music): update translation

RVX Manager: 1.20.4

  • feat: upstream from official sources
  • feat: add file and folder selection functionality #6
  • feat: update translation #5
  • fix: in-app updates not working properly
  • RVX Manager is provided simply for compatibility with my patch, if you run into issues follow the other patch method.

ReVanced MicroG:

  • Separate app available for Huawei and Xiaomi devices

ReVanced MicroG:

This is the new revanced microg from ReVanced Team.

  • Cache Gradle for build workflow
  • solved playback issues
  • package: app.revanced

RVX Builder: 3.14.1

  • chore: update packages
  • feat: add support for ARSCLib inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#2191
  • feat: change the PreRelease setting to Switch rather than TextBox
  • feat: update hard coded JDK version
  • fix: change defaults for MicroG providers

⚠️ Caution: To patch the official ReVanced source in rvx-builder, you must keep revanced-cli as the ‘inotia00’ source, or remove the ‘~./revanced/revanced.keystore’ file.
Otherwise, errors may occur during the signing process due to keystore incompatibility.